Structure & Movement Workshop – August 3, 2013

Structure & Movement Workshop – August 3, 2013

The day started out to be rather dismal, with clouds and rain.  But it did not deter those who drove long distances to attend CNE’s Structure & Movement Workshop, held at the home of Anne Eckersley.  We had a tend but decided to move the examination of the dogs inside until the rain subsided.  Here you see a shaved down Cavalier which allowed participants to see the skeleton of the dog more clearly.


Bright pink tape was used to point out the various points of the bones and create the angles of interest to judges and breeders.  We also used washable markers but those were difficult to draw on fur.


After a delicious lunch provided by Jaime Redniss, we all congregated outside to review the same dogs we just examined on the table, in motion on a leash.  Lots of discussion ensued – we did not all agree – of course!!


I’ll be the lookout – you chew the tent ties and let’s let this sucker fly!!


Some of the attendees at the seminar, engrossed in learning about the breed


After it was all over, we could relax and play with those tormented with colored sticky tape, gaiting and being examined on the table!


As is typical with a group of breeders, discussion continues…..!!


Alright – enough already about Cavaliers!  You would not want to hear what I have to say about THAT breed!!


We were SO tired after the event but we enjoyed great company, great food and great discussion.  Make sure those who could not attend, join us again in the future!