Danbury CNE Show, POTY and Annual Awards Banquet

It was a typical warm summer’s day in New England when Cavaliers of the Northeast hosted Puppy of the Year, the Annual Awards Banquet and the usual three days of Conformation judging.   So many people are involved in organizing such a huge function and thanks must go to all who participated and filled in where needed.  That’s the typical camaraderie of all our CNE Events and after reading below, we hope more of you, our CNE Members, will come and join us.  CNE Events are NOT just for those who show their dogs – they are for everyone to enjoy.

Whilst the event began on Friday, those who were involved in the choreography of this four day event showed up on Thursday evening to help set up and organize the welcome bags and decorations for the exhibitors and attendees.  Laura Yassky set up her Welcome Table and nabbed anyone passing by to help stuff the goodie bags, Alison Matos set up her Silent Auction Table and Kathy Conrad helped configure the Sales Tables and rings along with the plant decorations.  Susan O’Connor was behind the scenes arranging pick up at the airports of our exhibitors flying in with dogs, and arranging for crates to be borrowed; Susan did some of the pick ups herself.

Friday morning arrived, bright and sunny.   Joan Geoghegan had arranged a wonderful, well-attended Training Day complete with published handouts.  She tapped in on the talents of our long time breeders/exhibitors for insight into training a dog for the show ring.  Anne Eckersley demonstrated how successfully baby puppies can learn to stand stock still, wagging their tails, through clicker training.   Pat and Michelle Lander not only demonstrated and discussed their methods of table stacking and gaiting a dog, they also helped other exhibitors individually as they practiced with their own Cavaliers.  After we all sliced off pieces of sandwich from a six-foot long, delicious sub filled with meats and cheeses, Sherry Holm, CNE’s resident training instructor, organized a class to show exhibitors how to have fun with their dogs.  This in turn makes for an upbeat, happy companion and show dog, therefore it is important to have FUN with your Cavaliers.  Later that afternoon, Dr Charles Duffy, a specialist in reproduction where most breeders in the Fairfield County area go if they have repro issues, need C-Sections,  Artificial Insemination or the shipping of semen, talked to a riveted crowd about problems seen in the Brood Bitch and Stud Dog.   Just before POTY, pet owners and exhibitors alike gathered with their questions for groomer, Kathy Conrad, who gave them tips on how to keep that spay/neuter coat under control and other grooming advice.

Friday evening – the excitement mounted as Puppy of the Year contestants’ names were pulled to identify which dogs would compete against each other, two at a time.  A cash bar was set up and copious hors d’oeuvres were served as exhibitors put the finishing touches on their puppies for the Puppy of the Year competition while others watched intently and engaged in conversation with people they hardly knew.  And this is what CNE shows are all about – everyone having a good time.  Judge Ann Moffat of Milkeyn Cavaliers from UK presided over the puppies.  The support team of Paula Ayers, VP of CKCSC, ran the event with the help of Ricky Perkins, Ring Steward, Mimi Hodges, Gate Steward, Joan Parker, Table Steward, Joan Twigg, Announcer and Kim Hess who organized those gorgeous, individually named rosettes for every POTY competitor.

Congratulations to Vickie Herring and her handsome Blenheim boy, Ch Charnell Cosmopolitan JW, who won Puppy of the Year and to Nancy Maddox and her home-bred, pretty little Ruby girl,  Ch Denham Dreamed About  JW, who was Best of Opposite Sex Puppy of the Year.   The framed, original oil painting of two puppies, by artist Pamela Dennis Hall, will return home and reside with Vickie in Georgia for the year but Vickie also wins a framed, signed print of this artwork to keep.  Another framed, signed print was given to Ann Moffat as a judge’s gift as a token of thanks and to remind her of her visit to the Northeast and the POTY event.

Saturday morning loomed with overcast skies and intermittent rain.   Oh dear – and we have the Awards Banquet to be held outside, fortunately under tents!   Bright and early the Health Clinics began, organized by Jaime Redniss and manned by Ray Redniss.  Laura Yassky (Welcome), Karen Schwamberger, Betty Lou Marter (Hospitality) and Caryna Fox (Membership) amalgamated their respective tables and were available all weekend for questions and assistance.   Alison Matos outdid herself with the Silent Auction and it was well underway with people placing bids on their favorite items.   Cavalier Rescue, Sandi Prince and Carolyn Stigler, set up an awesome table of fabulous gift baskets for sale; all proceeds would go to the care of many poor unfortunate souls whose lives have been so improved by our CKCSC/CNE Rescue service and Foster parents.  Obedience and Rally competition began with Brenda LaRoza, Susan Drastal and Sherry Holm organizing the day prior to Lois Henry arriving the following day.  Judge, Barbara Garnett-Wilson of Laughing Cavaliers in Washington State presided over her many exhibits.  She was ably supported by Al Cipoletti, Ring Steward, Carla Close & Joan Geoghegan, Gate Stewards, Caleb Williams, Table Steward and Joan Twigg, Announcer.   It was important that the show finished on time as there were dogs to be fed, watered and exercised (description of each day in the life of an exhibitor!) before attending the Annual Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to Pat & Michelle Lander with their home-bred Blenheim boy, Jayba Pucker-Up JW who won Best in Show; to Liz O’Brien and her young Blenheim girl, Chadwick Your Place or Mine who won Winners Bitch and Reserve Best in Show; to Jean Tremblay and Sherry Daigle’s  Canadian Champion Tricolor boy from Canada,  Bolowski V H Lamslag who won Reserve Winner’s Dog and to Jennifer Foster’s Blenheim Champion Import, Ch Aranel With Love JW who won Reserve Winner’s  Bitch.

While Saturday’s show was being enjoyed by many, arrangements for the Annual Awards Banquet at the home of Anne Eckersley, was in full swing.  Tents, chairs, tables, crockery, cutlery were being delivered and Pam Taub, our event decoration expert from South Carolina, was hard at work setting up the tables with table cloths, centerpieces (thanks to Liz O’Brien who found these and delivered them a week prior to the event), napkins, cutlery and chocolate balls, and then arranged the lights, the serving tables, the bar etc all the while dodging downpours of rain.  In the middle of this chaos, a litter of Cavalier puppies was born that day – could she not have had them the day before?!

Jaime Redniss (who arranged and catered the whole affair) arrived with her delicacies, later to be joined by her daughter, Catherine, and friends Peter and Ilene, who volunteered their time and expert chef abilities to help Jaime.  None of them have Cavaliers – in fact, they have cats, not even a dog!  We are all so grateful to Catherine, Peter & Ilene for taking time to help us and to Jaime who arranged it all.   Ray Redniss set up his loud speakers – and boy, could they be loud – which permitted us to enjoy music  – songs chosen specifically for our event and recorded by son, Jesse.  The speakers also allowed us to have a microphone – a must when announcing and handing out awards.

We were incredibly fortunate that at about 5pm, the clouds blew away, the sun shone brightly and everything dried up until 10pm when guests were just leaving, and the heavens opened with a deluge.  Guests started arriving at 6pm in sunshine and were greeted by many Cavaliers, just to make sure everyone remembered that this was a Cavalier Club event!!  Alison Matos manned the bar, the first course was handed around and people wandered around the house, visited with the newborn pups and walked the grounds outside, followed by an entourage of Cavaliers of course.     The evening was a resounding success; it was a casual, relaxed several hours of good food, drink and camaraderie, which included David Frederick, President of CKCSC, giving out the Annual Awards.

Congratulations to all of those who received awards that evening, too numerous to mention here.  Go to http://www.cne-ckcsc.org  and click on Past Events/Photos to see some of the Annual Awards evening captured by photographer/Cavalier owner/breeder, Shelley Fields, who flew in from Arizona for the event and attended the dinner, along with her trusty camera.  Also on the CNE site are photos of the winners from each of the days judging.

Exhibitors hopefully slept well because they were up and about the next morning, grooming their Cavaliers for another full day of conformation judging.  Obedience and Rally were also in full swing most of the day.  Joan Twigg and Roz Shepherd set up the Trophy Table which gleamed a sparkling silver and covered much of the long table allocated for Trophies.    Judge Michael Levy of Pascavale Cavaliers from UK presided over his exhibits and also awarded the Awards of Merit – two for the boys and two for the girls.  His assistants were Paula Ayers, Ring Steward, Jeff Weinstein & Caryna Fox, Gate Stewards, Caleb Williams, Table Steward and Joan Twigg, Announcer.

Congratulations to Jennifer Foster whose Blenheim bitch import, Ch Aranel With Love JW won Best in Show; to Michelle & Pat Lander whose home-bred Blenheim boy, littermate to the BIS winner the previous day, finished his Championship today,  Jayba Don Juan JW who won  Winners Dog & Reserve Best in Show; to Kaye Ames’ Black & Tan boy, Kaceem Jonathan who won Reserve Winners Dog and to Tia Painter whose home-bred youngster, Granlaurel Uptown Girl won Reserve Winners Bitch.  Congratulations also to the Awards of Merit:  Males: Vickie Herring’s Ch Charnell Cosmopolitan JW and Anne Eckersley & Susan O’Connor’s Milkeyn Sheer Inspiration JW.  Females:  Erica Venier’s Ch Orchardhill Ingenue JW and Pat Lander’s Jayba Dream Come True.

The CNE Annual General Meeting was held right after Sunday’s show, the Minutes of which will be published.  Margaret Alexander was given a Certificate of Appreciation for her many years as CNE Newsletter Editor, and Kathy Conrad was also given a Certificate of Appreciation for her many years of behind the scenes help.  CNE thanks you both so much for your continued support of our club.   A new Taron Award in memory of the late Sharon Gamboni, Taron Cavaliers, USA was presented to the top winning wholecolor from CNE shows only.  The award went to Ch Darane Holly Blue, home-bred Black & Tan female of Kathy Kates.  The President’s Choice Award given by President, Anne Eckersley, went to Sherah Stars & Stripes, C-CD, C-RA and her team partner and owner, Jana Rychlik for her competition in obedience and conformation.

As if all of these days and evening of activities were not enough, exhibitors were up at the crack of dawn once again, preparing their Cavaliers for the last day of conformation showing.  Soon we would all be saying “Adios”, exhausted but looking forward to CNE’s next event.  We all must be gluttons for punishment!!   Judge, Carol Jenkins of Hollambrie Cavaliers from UK presided over her exhibits.   She was well assisted by Kathy Tiedeman, Ring Steward, Katie Kennedy, Gate Steward, Charles Weidig & D’Ann Fahnestock, Table Stewards and Joan Twigg, Announcer.

Congratulations to Jennifer Foster whose successful Blenheim Import, Ch Aranel With Love JW won Best in Show once again, a repeat from the previous day; to Pat & Michelle Lander’s home-bred Blenheim, this win finished his Championship like his brother the day before,  Jayba Pucker-Up JW who won Reserve Best in Show; to Anne Eckersley & Susan O’Connor’s Blenheim import, Milkeyn Sheer Inspiration JW who won Reserve Winners Dog and to Nancy Maddox’ home-bred Ruby, Ch Denham Dreamed About JW who won Reserve Winners Bitch.

As you can see, none of the CNE shows or events are organized by one person.  So many are involved behind the scenes, so many give so much of their time, effort and finances to make sure our membership and exhibitors enjoy attending our events.  CNE would so appreciate you volunteering to help, if you possibly can.  If not, then please take the time to thank our BOD and Show Chairs or anyone who works for our club.  It would make a huge difference to those who do help and work hard for your enjoyment.

For all results and photos of the winners and more, go to http://www.cne-ckcsc.org and click on Past Events/Results, then click on Danbury, CT.  If you click on Past Events/Photos you will see the photos of our winners.  Enjoy.

  1. Anne Eckersley