CNE Cavalier Rescue

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CAVALIER RESCUE USA (Northeast Region) is a foster and adoption program for Cavaliers in need of loving new homes. We are associated with the original parent club for the breed, CKCSC, U.S.A., and cover rescue adoptions in the following states: CT, DE, DC, MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, VT, and WV. Our group is composed of a dedicated team of volunteers who work together to rescue, evaluate, and re-home Cavaliers in need. While we occasionally have puppies in our program, most rescue Cavaliers are adults.

For more information about Cavalier Rescue and to apply for a Rescued Cavalier, please go to:

For information about adopting or re-homing a Cavalier, please contact the representative who leads rescue for your state at

Cavaliers who are given to rescue by owners no longer able to keep them, and those rescued from shelters and pounds, are brought into foster homes where they are evaluated, brought up to date medically, and cared for by dedicated volunteers until a permanent, loving home is found. There is a donation requested which varies based on the age and health of the Cavalier.